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Monetization of Employment Retention Tax Credits

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Argo Partners has been working with bankruptcy estate representatives to purchase and pre-fund their projected Employment Retention Tax Credits (“ERTC”).  Given the longer than expected time frame for receiving the tax refunds, Argo’s funding allows bankruptcy estates to meet current expenses, and/or to pursue other litigation, or to simply end active management of the estate.  The funding can take different forms including an outright sale or a Debtor-in-Possession financing arrangement.  

In order to assess the feasibility of such a pre-funding by our firm, we enter into a NDA with the debtor, so that we can obtain and review all of the relevant data needed to perform our due diligence as to the particular ERTC application.   That data usually includes the amount of the ERTC requested, a reference to any applicable government ordinance causing a disruption in operation, and the overall financial picture depicting a decline in revenues.  

While reviewing the information, we enter into a letter of intent that would indicate the terms of the transaction, including the proposed funding amount, due diligence period and closing dates.  Our due diligence would essentially involve a review of the accuracy of the calculations, and the thought process that was used to qualify for the ERTC. Our experience is that, assuming all documents are supplied expeditiously, the process from start to funding should take no longer than 2 weeks (subject to court approval and the court’s schedule).

To learn more about Argo Partners’ ERTC funding, please contact Matthew Binstock at or Paul Berg at

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