Residual Assets Purchase Program

Residual assets are assets that are held by Federal Receivers or Bankruptcy Trustees. Argo Partners, as a purchaser of such assets, offers a customized solution for each circumstance. Argo is a willing and able buyer at all points in the timeline of a case but most sellers find Argo Partners’ services helpful towards the end of a case.

Argo Partners believes that its involvement provides real economic benefit for all stakeholders. Creditors of the receivership or bankruptcy are able to receive distributions in a more efficient manner. Receivers and Trustees can monetize assets that either have a “long tail” or need a cash infusion. Argo Partners’ purchase replaces the slow “burn” of cash that accompanies passive asset monetization with efficient realization of value. We consider this to be a “win-win” for both Receivers/Trustees and creditors. Argo Partners purchases the following types of assets:

  • Claims against other insolvent entities
  • Real Estate
  • Class Action Claims
  • Litigation Rights
  • Non-public equity
  • Preference Claims
  • Judgments from Preference/Avoidance Claims
  • Aged/Written off Accounts Receivable

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