What We Do
The combination of talents enables our firm to provide a fast and professional response to potential investment opportunities.

25 Years of Operation

In its twenty five years of operation the firm has invested in the private obligations of several hundred distressed companies - primarily in the United States, but also in Canada, Great Britain, and the Far East. Such investments have generally taken the form of trade claims – that is, accounts payable by entities that are in bankruptcy or receivership. As described below, these purchases may also take the form of policyholder obligations of defunct insurers, payables by insolvent Canadian companies, interests in bankrupt partnerships, and so forth. These investments usually have a high degree of uncertainty – as to financial outcome and the time taken to achieve that outcome. From a seller’s point of view, the elimination of these uncertainties – by receiving an immediate cash settlement from Argo Partners – can be an attractive alternative.

More recently the firm added another investment area – with similar characteristics (hard-to-determine financial outcome and timing) by its commitments in the field of litigation funding.

On the value-added front, and perhaps with more of an income focus, the firm has now also built up a portfolio of off-campus student housing.

Recently, our firm has added two more investment areas in Litigation Funding and Student Housing