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About us

Founded in 1992 by Michael Singer as an investment fund dedicated to the acquisition of creditors’ claims held against distressed and most often bankrupt or insolvent companies, the firm was an early pioneer in the trading and valuation of such highly illiquid investments.

The firm continues to this day to provide a source of liquidity for creditors against both reorganizing and liquidating Chapter 11 and Chapter 7 debtors that have filed for protection under the United States bankruptcy court system.

The combination of talents and decades of collective experience enables the firm to provide a fast and professional response to any potential investment opportunity.

While our core business remains focused on the purchasing of unsecured claims of trade creditors affected by bankrupt entities in the United States, we have branched out to also purchase claims from creditors in insurance liquidations, Canadian and UK insolvencies, Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors, Funds in Receivership, as well as the direct purchase of Class Action Litigation Rights.

Argo Partners also offers litigation funding on an individualized and portfolio basis in both commercial and bankruptcy contexts at the trial and appellate levels. For more information, please visit our Litigation Funding site.

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