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We separate out another specialty—the purchase of claims and interests in distressed funds and partnerships—as we believe this area demands a particular sensitivity to the claimant or investor, who is often an individual rather than a corporation. Argo Partners maintains a high standard of professionalism in dealing with these sellers, who may not be that sophisticated and may have been the subject of a fraud or Ponzi scheme that led to the fund or partnership being in distress.

Often involving litigation against various parties allegedly involved in the possible mismanagement of the funds, these bankruptcies or receiverships can take years to resolve and creditors or investors may look to liquefy their positions rather than wait for the eventual resolution of the process and distributions on their claims.

The transfer process is little different from that described in the Bankruptcy section here on our website. There may be some additional requirements from the Receiver or Trustee managing the case—such as a notarized signature, or the Trustee may have his/her own transfer agreement—but it should be a straightforward process. Payments are made immediately after confirmation of the transfer by the Receiver or Trustee.

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