The combination of talents enables our firm to provide a fast and professional response to potential investment opportunities.

We Purchase Claims in Chapter 7 & 11 Bankruptcy Cases

The credits we have been involved with include small and middle-market private companies, as well as larger public companies. Depending on the stage of the economic cycle, we have invested in retail, oil and gas, transportation, financial services, insurance, health-care, technology, metals and refining, and real estate.

Argo Partners purchases claims in Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcy cases.

If you, as a claimant, have received a letter from Argo Partners offering to purchase your claim, you are listed in papers filed in the bankruptcy court as a creditor in a bankruptcy proceeding. The letter you received extends an offer to buy your claim in exchange for the amount stated.

To accept our offer, simply complete the Assignment Agreement and return it via mail, email or fax. Payment for your claim will be made pursuant to the terms of the offer letter you received. Argo Partners will file the necessary documents to effectuate the transfer with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

If you have not received an offer from us and would like a bid for your bankruptcy claim.

request a bid