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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a letter from Argo Partners?

Argo Partners is offering creditors in certain bankruptcy cases an opportunity to liquidate their bankrupt receivables for an immediate cash settlement.

How did you get my Company’s name?

Every Bankruptcy proceeding requires either that the Debtor list all of its creditors in a publicly available document with the Bankruptcy Court and/or that creditors file a proof of claim with the Court.

Do I need to file a Proof of Claim?

Argo Partners highly recommends companies file Proofs of Claim to help with the claims reconciliation process. In a Chapter 7 case, you need to file a proof of claim.

When will I get paid?

Generally, Argo Partners sends out checks within 10 business days of having received a signed Assignment Agreement.

Will you come back to me for a refund if the bankrupt company eventually pays less than what Argo is willing to pay me?

No. Argo Partners assumes the risk (cents per dollar of allowed claim) for each bankruptcy case.

Does Argo Partners have account information to help me reconcile the claim to my receivables records?

Argo Partners is not affiliated with or hired by the company in bankruptcy. We are a third party that does not have access to account numbers or invoicing of the debtor.

Does Argo purchase claims in other bankruptcies?

Yes, Argo Partners would be happy to review any outstanding bankruptcy claims that your company may have. Click here to request a bid.

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